Here you will find pictures of most of the football grounds in the Faroe Islands. I believe that I missed only three fields. Sorry about some of the angles that these pictures were taken from. It was hard to get a proper picture of some of the fields because I only had a 35MM camera.

1. Here is a picture of the KI field.
2. B68 homeground.
3. B71 football pitch.
4. GI pitch - taken from a moving bus!.
5. HB and B36 pitch - one side of stadium.
6. HB and B36 pitch - the other side.
7. Leirvík (LÍF)
8. Eiđi (EB/Streymur)
9. Runavík (NSÍ)
10. Vágur (VB)
11. Home pitch for IF.
12. Home pitch for TB.

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